Saturday, 2 April 2011

Darphin Melaperfect Serum

I am really excited about this product. If anyone had read through my blog posts, they will know that I am obsessed with having clear, even skin tone. Being of Indian origin, I am more prone to darker areas around the skin and brown spots. I have a few clusters around the sides of my face which I yearn to get rid of. Since using sunscreen over the past year, I have noticed that it has helped stop the formation of new ones. But I need something that will help reduce or even get rid of the existing ones.

The Darphin Melaperfect Anti-dark spots perfecting treatment claims to help combat these two huge issues of mine. This serum contains a patented 'Trametes mushroom extract' which helps minimise the appearance of pigment marks.

I would say the serum is just a tad thicker than the others I have been using. I like that I can put on my face cream straight after using the serum as it absorbs immediately into my skin without leaving any sticky residue. My skin feels really soft and smooth after the application, and I find that moisturiser just glides after using this.

So does it work? Well, I have been using it only in the night time for about three weeks now and I love how my skin feels in the morning. I can definitely see an improvement to its texture since using this as my skin is looking and feeling smoother. My dark spots are still there BUT I have noticed that the area around my mouth looks a bit more even to the rest of my face. An exit review will be in order to see whether or not it has worked. It will be a while though as I only need a pea size amount for each application. So far, I am loving it, my skin is loving it - I have high hopes for this!

Its exclusive at Space NK at the moment, but I think it goes nationwide in a few months. It is a bit steep at £57 but this will last months and months and months. But serums are always a bit more expensive. Plus, its one skincare product (along with eye cream) that I don't mind splashing out on.

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