Thursday, 13 January 2011

Lierac Paris Skincare Review

Lierac is a french skincare brand that I've been hearing more and and more about recently.  It may have been around for ages and I've only just picked up on it. BritishBeautyBlogger, someone whose articles I really enjoy reading, recently wrote about using Lierac products as staples in her skincare regime. It made me more curious.

There is a website (the UK version could be better) but other that that, I didn't find a lot of information about Lierac online. Its main philosophy is the use of botanical - plants, flowers, root, leaves etc - fused with technology (increasing the effectiveness of the ingredients?) that will help renew and restore skin. 

My problem areas from the beginning of time are the dark circles under the eyes (which I think I have finally found something that is helping combat this - for another post), darkness around the mouth and brown spots on the sides of my face. Very common ailments for indian skin. Sun screen is helping to stop the development of more dark spots. My skin is also ridiculously senstive, and gets all bumpy around the cheeks whenever its gets in contact with a product it doesn't like.

I have been trying a couple of Lireac products for about three months now, and thought enough time had passed to give my opinion on them.

First up, my: The favourite 'Apaisance Anti- redness fluid cream'. 
The cream contains :
  • Linden Mallow extracts - limit inflammation and increase the tolerance of the skin.
  • Oat Extracts - helps the skin to fight against external factors and their accelerating effects of skin aging thanks to their richness in essential amino acids
  • Algae Extracts and Correcting Pigments - reduce the appearance of small blood vessels on the skin surface.
I like using this in the mornings before a moisturiser when not using a serum. I concentrate around the mouth area and have noticed that it has evened out the skin time ever so slightly. It might be due to the tinge of green in the product itself that gives an illusion of a more even complexion, but it is really exciting and have found myself a bit addicted to the stuff. It is not a serum and has more of a 'lotion' feel to it. I find that it sits really well under a moisturiser and foundations. 

Next up is the 'Apaisance Dermo-Comfort Cream'. 

This cream contains :
  • Plant Extracts - Also with Linden and Mallow and Oat to strengthen the skin's natural barrier to help protect the skin from external aggressions
  • Indian Ginseng Extract - intensifies the anti aging and protection action.

I use this once a day, either under a serum in the mornings when I am not wearing make up or as a night cream. This is because the consistency is thick and my skin is loving it in the winter at the moment. Sometimes I use the two both together at night to give my skin that extra treat. They make my face feel plumper and look a bit better.

Both products are from their anti-aging range, and designed for sensitive skin. I have been quite reluctant to start such products as I don't want to start too early. But now that I have (ahem) just ended my 20's (I'm cool, I'm cool about it.... I think...!), I've been slowly introducing it to my routine. 
I alternate between different products because I don't want my skin getting used to anything as eventually, I find things can stop working for my skin. Both priced at £30 for 40ml, you can peruse their entire range on the Lookfantastic website.

Side note: Lierac is part of Eco-Emballages and participate in a European programme to eliminate and recycle all components of their packaging. What a wonderful thing.

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  1. Product seems to be very helpful and must say good results are awaited. Indeed a very good read.

  2. Hey faye, I ended up finding the cream slightly bit too rich for me. But I really liked the Fluid cream! x

  3. ive been reading that this comapny arent using good ingredients at all but actual E numbers, colours preservatives and potential ingredients that USA want to ban. I bought some from TK MAXX (cleanser toner & make up remover) havent used it yet but i want to take it back after reading the ingredients ! x