Sunday, 7 October 2012

Dr Brandt Microdermabrasion

I went through a skin consultation recently and discovered that those brown spots that I have been moaning about for years now, was not hyperpigmentation. But some form of skin-tag' viral thing. It could only be removed via gently burning it off with laser treatment. Which is what I had done.

Although the procedure felt like a sharp hot needle burning the skin, the procedure was not as painful or dramatic as it sounds.

My face looked awful after each treatment, but the lovely lady who carried out the procedure put mineral make up on me and I felt confident enough to walk out in the public. I went to Destination Skin for my treatment who I found were heaps cheaper than other places, and really good.

Anyway, I used aloe vera products for about four days until my skin healed, but I was left with some small scars around the areas where I had treatment which I needed to work on.

I have always been told gentle exfoliation is the key to skin resurfacing, and I find the Dr Brandt Microdermabrasion exfoliating cream is amaaaazzing for this.

The beads are micro-fine and because of the treatment, I need to make sure what ever I use on my skin is ultra gentle at the moment. So what I do is; take a pea size amount in my palm, mix is with a bit of water to dilute the product, and kind of massage it on my face rather than scrub (which I think is a bad idea in general).

My skin always feels soft and smooth after using this, and my serum always sinks in better. The price is pretty steep, by I have had this for over a year I believe and I still have just under half the product left. A definite favourite for me.