Saturday, 16 June 2012

My current eye creams

I have the usual indian problems when it comes to skincare, including permanent dark circles. Some days they can be hidden under concealer, but most days they are just imposible to hide. I have tried an abundance of eye creams, but non which I have stuck to. The Aveda Tourmaline Charged Eye Cream has been the only one that I have repurchased for over 10 years as it is the only one I have found that works for me. But as the years go by, I find that I need something stronger. So these are the ones I am trying out at the moment.

The Eve Lom Eye Cream Creme Contour Des Yeux is my luxury eye cream. Not many reviews on the net, so I took a leap of faith when I bought it. I swear I noticed a difference within the first few days. I am on week three of using this product and my dark circles have noticeably lightened.

I bought mine from Space NK, and it is definatley not cheap. It would be the only reason why I would hesitate to buy it again, but then then I have spent much more money on eye cream in the past with less result. Plus it is 20 ml and I reckon should last me nine months to a year as you need the tiniest amount. The consistency is slightly thicker than what I have been used to in the past, so I warm a bit of the product between my ring fingers below applying it to the eye area.

I bought the Vichy Aqualia Antiox because I thought it would be a nice cooling product for my eyes for those 'the morning after the night before' situations.

This is the only eye skincare product I took with me on my recent trip to Thailand. It is light, comes in a stick to apply and sooooo cooling. I apply it directly onto my eye area without needing to tap the product in with my fingers. It was great to use in the mornings when I woke up (we were were getting an average of 5 hours sleep a night (if that) as the cooling sensation refreshed me instantly. It was really handy to keep in my handbag and apply throughout the day to keep me refreshed and eye area moisturised. 

Thursday, 14 June 2012

Cane & Austin Sunscreen

I went into Space NK a few weeks ago, seeking a sunscreen that I can use under my make up and which does not result in giving my face a grey overcast. After spending a good fifteen minutes with an assistant looking at various options, I decided to buy the
Cane & Austin Ultra Sheer Weightless Sunscreen Protect
This was purchased in blind faith and so far - touch wood- I have not regretted it. It does everything I want it to - and more. It has whopping spf of 55, with UVA and UVB. It is very runny compared to other sunscreens I have used, so I have to use it quickly before the product runs through my fingers.

I have been putting this over my serum in the mornings, before foundation. I find that I can at times skip the moisturiser as it hydrates my usually dry skin. I love how it feels on my skin and a bonus I found was that it worked as a great base for make up.

The best thing is that it goes on transparent - hallelujah!!! This is definitely coming with me in my travels :)

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Talika Eyebrow Lipocils

I have always had very sparse eyebrows, and a certain 'mishap' during my uni days resulted me in burning one half off. I always feel that I look like a bit of an alien if the brows are not pencilled in. I am hoping to do some more travelling later this year, and have been thinking about what to do so that I don't crazy without make up on at the beach. So I decided to invest in the Talika Eyebrow Lipocil.
The packaging it nice - it has a mirror on one side which is handy, and the wand is flat for easy application. I have used this every night, and most mornings for about a month, and have noticed some changes. My eyebrows do seem thicker and more full, but there is some new hair growing in the 'bald patches'. I will use the whole thing, but will probably switch to Castor oil which my eyebrow treading  lady keeps demanding that I use.

The Talika website in general is pretty good, but I got mine from slapiton  - and got some free samples in my package which made me pretty excited. 
I got two sachets of hand serum treatment, and two pairs of resuable eye therapy patches. I have used these patches for a couple of years now and I love them. I keep the ones I am currently using in their custom made case to keep them cool and sanitised.

They are really cooling and refreshing. Even better if they are stuck in the fridge for a short while before use. They really help reduce bags, and I can notice a temporary reduction of the dark circles as well.

I have been pleasantly surprised with all the Talika products I have tried out in the past (their instant manicure is pretty good as well). Its a good brand, and definitely worth looking at.