Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Duty Free buys

I picked up a few things from Duty Free on the way back to London last week.

First up, a restock of one of my favourite perfumes, Lanvin 'aperge'.
I like strong perfumes, ones that I can smell on myself. This, I can't really smell on me, but it seems to catch on everyone else's noses and I tend to get loads of compliments when I wear it. It is pretty expensive (you can see how much I used whilst I was away for those few days) so I have to learn to not spray it like a deodorant as I do with all my other perfumes. 

Next up, seem to be a Bulgarian favourite. In the sense, that this line seemed to be everywhere. They have a whole skincare line consisting of Rose. The women on Bulgaria have good skin, if surprisingly pale, and as it was only a few Euros, I picked this up as an impulse buy.

It comes in a  plastic jar that reminds me of cheap Clarins packaging.
This cream is made on natural bases and contains the unique Bulgarian rose water with exceptionally high contents of ether rose oil. It also includes natural almond oil, marigold extract and wheaten germs oil. The high quantity of rose oil made me more intrigued about this product. 
The product itself is seems a lighter consistency than most high end night creams, but I don't mind that at all. The smell is just of rose. Nothing else. It is very strong. I've only used it a couple of times so far. I use a small amount as shown below, rub it in my hands and pat onto my face. It made my skin feel luxurious and fresh after application. I like it so far.
This brand does a whole line of skincare products with rose, but I don't think its widely available in the UK which is a shame as I would have loved to used some more of their stuff.

Lastly... *drum roll*... I finally bought it. The rouge / blush I have been eyeing up and craving for absolutely ages. The Lancome Blush Subtil in 'Rose Sable'.
Duty Free is rubbish for money saving between European flights and I think I only saved about £3 from not buying it in London, but ever since my little sample had finished, I was finding it pretty hard to justify spending so much money on another blush. But something came over me, and I just picked it up and bought it. And I'm so excited that  I did.

Its not as pink as it shows on the pictures. The reason why I love this so much is that a couple of swipes of this blends right into my skin to give it a natural enhancement to my cheeks. It builds an absolute treat for a more defined look. I am of Indian skin tone (about NC42 I think), and when I used this, I feel like I have cheeks of an 'english rose'!

I haven't been so happy with a make up product like this for ages. I might even start thinking about looking to invest in a few more of this Subtile range.

You can find the whole Lancome Subtil range here.
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