Saturday, 18 December 2010

XFM Winter Wonderland 2010

I got extremely lucky this week. I managed to get a couple of tickets to the XFM annual Winter Wonderland show at Brixton Academy on Wed 15 December. It was purely by chance and I feel so lucky that I got to go.

The Line up was amazing:
Manic Street Preachers
White Lies
Two Door Cinema
The Drums

SuedeImage by simononly via Flickr
I was and still am a HUGE Suede and the Manics fan. Their (and some other band's) music played a big role in my life when I was growing up. So to see them together under the same roof was like a dream to me. Suede's drummer, Simon Gilbert was ill and could not perform. So instead, Brett Anderson, Richard Oakley and the delicious looking Neil Codling did a three song acoustic set. I got to see them at the 02 last week and they blew the audience away.  Here, they did the same as well. Brett has such stage presence, and his voice is pitch perfect. And he is so bloody handsome, you can't help but just stare at him in awe when he is performing. I want to go see them again, again and again. I am so glad they are going to continue next year. I reckon this performance have given them a whole new set of younger followers. They still dress in cool black and its as it they were put in a youth capsule for 10 years as none of them, especially Brett and Neil, look any older.

Manic Street PreachersImage by simononly via Flickr
The Manics. Were. Perfect. I really got into their old stuff again a few months ago and was so happy that they played some of it. When 'Faster' came on, I felt like I was in euphoria. It was so surreal seeing Nicky Wire in his (and Richey's) trademark animal print coat, sailor's hat and doing his scissor jumps. James Dean Bradfield is simply awesome. I love his voice and he sang as perfectly as he does in every album. That man is super-doopa talented. You watch them on stage and they look like they love every minute of it, they still love the songs they sing, and you love them more for it. Because of this (particularly the genius first three albums), I can just about forgive them for Kylie, Daybreak and Strictly Come Dancing ;)

White Lies were pretty good also, I reckon they will be here for years. We were in the mosh pit which was at it's craziest that night when they played 'Death'. It still makes me chuckle thinking we were right in with the crowd jumping and getting thrown around, it felt like being a teenager again!

I uploaded a couple of the clips that I managed to record onto my youtube account. But the quality isn't very good.

But check out  a1999f's channel who did very good recordings. The girl with the holding the camera near the front of the stage with her pinky finger out in those videos? Thats me!

I get to see the Manics and White Lies individually next year and cannot wait. 2011 is going to be a lot about live music again for me I think.

Manic Street PreachersImage by simononly via Flickr

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