Monday, 3 October 2011

Lazy weekend

The weekend has been hot, hot, HOT. In fact the whole week has been scorching although I missed most of it as I have been stuck in the freezing air conditioned office.

I went up to Hampstead Heath with some friends for a picnic and sun-lazing. It was not as heaving as I expected it to be which was great. Hampstead Heath is gorgeous. A friend of mine got chatted up by some random stranger who was walking around with a massive tear on the side of his sorts. So huge that you could see his underwear. It was hilarious watching.

After an outdoor lunch, we made our way to Shoreditch and hung around for a bit until we ended up at this place where the band below were playing.

I've got to say,  Black Manila Flamingo Drive nearly burst my ear drums. I am sorry to say they were sooo bad live. But sifting through the bad guitars and keyboard, the guy has a pretty good voice and the music did sound a bit Jam-esque. Maybe it was the sound system that made my ears bleed, but I think I will google search them to see what they are really meant to sound like.

Sunday, lazed around with the little nieces in the garden eating ice cream and watching them ruin my make up brushes and eye shadows because they were giving each other makeovers. I didn't even have the energy to scream at them so they carried on and demolished a whole eyeshadow palette with their fingers. The six year old nephew later ran into the garden and jumped on top of me whilst I was snoozing to show me his latest Dr Who purchase and searching for my iPhone to play City Farm (I only found out recently that the cheeky little monkey made a separate folder on my phone for his games). Again, I did not have the energy to get him off me so I just lay there for half hour whilst he rambled on about sonic screwdrivers. In the evening I managed to get ready and head over to my friends for a Shisha, indian tea and movies.

It was a pleasant weekend, but I did feel a bit weird at times. Could not put my finger on it. I think it must be me trying to settle down being single again. Or maybe I'm worrying myself how quickly I think I am getting over it. I have made sure I have kept myself busy since it all happened, once I slow down then I can have a think of what the heck the next chapter of my life needs to be. Because this new freakin' chapter has been a long time coming.

Anyway, hope you are enjoying the heatwave in the UK, as we have been told to bring out the wooly scarves and thick coats for the end of the week!

Lots of love



  1. Hello, I'm the singer of Flamingo Drive. Black Manila were the headline act!

    That gig was the worst one we've done! The sound man was utterly incompetent and it was a disaster all round! A horrible mess! Sorry you had to witness it...

    Here's some recordings that we did a while back. We've developed a bit since these but hopefully this might restore our reputation to some small extent:

    Come see us again at a proper show!


  2. Lol, hey Bobby! Just listened to your soundcloud. I recognised 'I saw the Bishop' from your set in Shoreditch - tune! I could still hear some good stuff and voices through that mentalist sound man.

    Me and my mates will definitely come and see you again!

    p.s sorry about getting the name wrong. I always do silly things like that


  3. Thanks for giving us a second chance! BG xxx