Sunday, 17 October 2010

Shu Uemura Stage Performer Instant-Glow

I think this is a relativley new product from Shu Uemura. It is a backstage inspired product, designed to enhance make–up finish and deliver a natural glow. It is a good light cream for skin that looks tired in the mornings as it helps provide a sort of 'radiance' to the skin.

It claims to make the skin feels healthier, revitalised and renewed after a few weeks. The complexion appears more even and pores look less visible. 

It has an ever so slight green tinge to it, not picked up by the camera.
Blended in, I feel it really brightens things the skin up and makes my face look healthier (especially after a heavy night out). It doesn't clog up the pores, instead helps smooth out the skin to make make up application better.
It can be used in place of your usual daily moisturiser and I find it a great base for make up. I use this on mornings where my skin looks that extra yucky from the night before, and always for a party or a big thing. What I do is I'll put it over a moisturiser, and let it sink in for a bit before I apply foundation on top. The cream glows through the foundation in all the right places and I like the effect it gives on a photo. I usually use this for a night out.  I suppose its comparable to the Mac Strobe Cream but thinner in consistency and more subtle with a natural looking finish.
Foundation applied on top
You can get this from SpaceNK or any Shu Uemura store or counter. Priced at £35 for 50ml, its pretty steep. But its a really good pick me up for fatigued skin.

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  1. i have to say i love this product its a quik fix for ur skin, giving you a natural glow rather than something thats clearly lots of stuff on ur skin, i did a review on this too, i use it alot on bridal makeup :)

  2. Hi Amina,
    I picked this up on impluse when I was at the covent garden store. I'm pretty impressed with it as the effect lasts the whole night unlike with the strobe cream (maybe I'm wrong in comparing the two!). Will pop over to your blog to have a look at your review!