Saturday, 2 October 2010

A book, some movies and my nails

I have about three books that I have started reading but yet to finish, as well as about eight that are waiting on my shelf at home or my desk at work to begin. This is not like me, I usually only read one before going on to another, but I will start picking up the pace again soon. Despite the abundance of books I need to get through, I did an impulse buy on Amazon, and bought 'Richard' by Ben Myers.

The novel is a fictional take on the life of Richey Edwards of Manic Street Preachers. Richey was very depressed, disappeared and has never been found. The author is a few years older than me, but would have been a teenager like me when Rickey vanished in 1995. Less than a year before, Kurt Cobain had killed himself and I still remember how awful it was for Nirvana and MSP fans to lose such huge idols in such a short period of time. I remember the Samaritans launching a nationwide campaign with REM's 'Everybody hurts' out of concern and I think it was backed by the NME, Melody Maker and the Big Issue. Ben Myers has apparently done tonnes of research for this novel, so it would be interesting to read his take on this whole tragedy, and I suppose what Richey was going through in this mind. I don't know if he got the blessing of Richey's family or the rest of the Manics, but I really hope he did. I am really nervous about reading this novel especially with the timing, but at the same time feel like I need to and should read it. I think I'll do a review once I've read it.

I am a big fan of the Bengali film maker, Satyajit Ray. His most notable works are the Apu Trilogy, which are amazing and I recommend this series to any Independent film fans. A very kind friend got me three more of his movies in a box set. Its the Volume 1 of his collection.

I have already watched Charulata (The Lonely Wife) which is an adaption of a novel by the Bengali novelist, Rabindranth Tagore. But looking forward to revisiting it again along with the other two films. As this was a gift, I am not sure where this came from, but you can get it from Amazon,, HMV amongst other places.

On a lighter note, I got myself done gel nails with white tips today... and I love them! I took a couple of pictures when I was waiting for my fish and chips.

I have only ever got gel nails done with the white acrylic tips, and I find that over time, it makes my nails very weak over time. I had a conversation with the lady who did my nails and she said that I need to take them off professionally so not to damage my real nails. As previously, I would dunk them in nail varnish remover and peel them off. The first time I tried them was in Portugal, and every now and them I treat myself to them. Prices range from £25 - £60 for a set depending on where you go. Plus you have to ensure you go back to maintain them so it can prove to be costly for just nails. But I do love the clean, healthy look it gives. Plus, I can paint over them with a different colour and still keep the french manicure look underneath. It looks great, but be aware that they can weaken the nails if not looked after properly.


  1. Oooh, I wanted to buy that book! Its sounds pretty neat.

  2. A lot of the hard core manic fans hate it. Be warned, it gets pretty traumatic in bits. Its one of the hardest things I have read in ages. Would be interested to know what you think of it if you do end up reading it :)