Thursday, 23 June 2011

Space NK Private (not so private) Sale

Yesterday, Space NK held a private sale for their Indulge card holders. I couldn't make it because I was in the mud in Hyde Park, with seven other merry friends, dancing away to WHITE LIES, PAUL WELLER and KINGS OF LEON.
Drunk Caleb!!
Fantastic day beginning to end. I digress...

So, from today until saturday, this sale is open to everyone. I popped down there today for a browse. They have some amazing Laura Mercier makeup and it took all my strength not to buy any because I really should finish up what I have.

In the end I picked up a couple of skincare products from a line I have never heard of before - Zelens
The sales assistant was raving about them, saying how great they were and that the reason why its so cheap now is because Zelen is repackaging their products. I don't know why, so I believed her. And picked up the eye cream. Was originally £121, on sale £60. This is still the most expensive eye cream I have every bought in my life. But I am desperate for a miracle cure for my troublesome dark circles.
Its full name is intensive triple-action eye cream, and comes in a box. Inside you get a leaflet and 15 ml worth of product in a sturdy glass container.

 The other thing I bought for £25, originally about £150 is the advanced luminescence serum. I still am in love with the Darphin Serum which I am still using, but I just got sucked in and got this. I'll probably use this one at night as my Darphin serum also acts as a great base for my make up.
I have just got home and looked for reviews on Zelen products. There are not a lot, and they are mixed. I have put my faith in the Space NK assistant and hope I haven't just squandered £85 down the pan.

I'll start using this stuff tonight and let you know how it goes. In the meantime, if anyone has had any experiences with Zelens Skin Science products - I would be really interested to hear your thoughts.

UPDATE - Sept 2011
Both products now used up. Pretty quickly may I add. Absolute waste of money.

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