Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Reiss Delivery

YESSSS! My Reiss delivery came through the post today! I ordered online sunday evening and when I got home, the delicious box was waiting for me. Inside, carefully wrapped in tissue paper were my purchased garments. I haven't even tried any of them yet but gosh darn it, I will make sure they fit me! 
I got a jean dress which I thought I could layer with a cardy and or lace waist coat, and my recently purchases brown boots from Dorothy Perkins so that I will feel all cosy for the autumn season (which is my favourite time of the year). I love it and pray that it fits my ever expanding child bearing hips.

I also bought a lovely black skirt which is good for the office as well as evenings out. I thing I will team it up with a grey or cream jumper or wooly top. With maybe some pearls...
The back of the skirt has a golden zip detail to it as well. You might be able to see it in the second picture from the top. It seems like a lot of what I have been buying (clothes, shoes, bags) has some sort of zip or stud as part of the design to it. I think this 'trend' was last season, but as I don't tend to follow fashion trends (I would end up bankrupt otherwise!) anyway, this hit me late. But I'm loving the zip thing. I think it gives a feminine with an edge of 'hardness' look. 

As an example of 'studdy' things I have, here is the handbag that I am currently dragging around on my shoulders, its from Dune.

The Reiss stuff was on sale - and a very good sale. Check it out on their website. If you are a tiny size, you'll be able to pick up a crazy bargain from it.

Anyway, I'm off to try and squeeze into this dress and skirt - wish me luck!

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