Saturday, 19 February 2011

Things I'm loving at the moment (Feb '11)

E.L.F Sheer Mineral Booster (starting at £3.50)

I'm a big fan of the Bare Minerals 'Mineral Veil', and think this E.L.F version is a pretty decent, much cheaper dupe. I've been using this on top of my foundation and cream blushes to set everything. It doesn't stop the shiny t-zones coming through all day however. But it is so light weight and non-cakey looking, and I like the way it looks.

Batiste Brit Dry Shampoo (£2.19)
I've mentioned this before but since discovering dry shampoo, my hair is looking better as it being allowed to rest in between washes. I cannot recommend this product highly enough, it really will change the way you do your hair! A bonus of using this is that it helps me style my hair and keep it in place without having to use other products to weigh my hair down. This Brit Batiste version is so clean and fresh smelling, I love it!

Origins Starting Over Age-erasing Moisterizer with Mimosa (£35)

Origins products as a general rule are really good and this is no exception. I'm loving using this in the winter months. I like to wear this on days I don't wear makeup (which is only when I know I'll be at home all day!). This is because when I wear this over a serum, I feel that my complexion looks smoother and brighter.  It has three main ingredients: Mimosa (soothing proerties), Argan Leaf Extract (protects against UV) and Green Algae (helps skin boost its now natural collagen). My skin feels smooth and plump all day.

NYX 'Goddess of the Night' Lipgloss in 'Juicy Red' 149 (£3.99)

NYX is a bit harder to get in the UK. There are however a few decent sites which you can order from. I'm into red lips at the moment and this on top helps soften the drama of the colour. The gloss smells of delicious strawberry and it gives such a long lasting 'glossy effect'. Really good value for money. Definitely will invest on a few more colours.

No7 Perfect Lips Pencil in' 15 Fire' (£7.50)

I love wearing this all over my lips and then using the NYX gloss on top. If I want something more dramatic, I use Mac's Russian Red lipstick in between these two products.

Korres Volumising Lash Conditioning and Strengthening Mascara (£10.00)
At first glance, the wand or the product do not look very exciting and when I first tried it, I was annoyed about the price I paid for something which I thought did not work at all. However, after a couple of days when a bit of air went in, I have fallen in love with this mascara. It does not necessary make my lashes longer, but makes them look more plump and full. I am using this every morning at the moment, and I am glad I bought it. 

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  1. I bought the ELF Mineral Booster ages ago, I have no idea why because I don't know what to do with it, and have never used it! Is it supposed to set the mineral foundation? Which is odd because it's a powder product anyway. I am much confused :( Hints gratefully accepted ! x

  2. Hey Mitsy;s Mum,
    the mineral booster is a similar concept to the Bare Minerals veil I think - in that it it used to set mineral foundation and soften the overall look.

    I don't use mineral foundation as much any more as I find that it dries my skin out. But I love using the booster to set my liquid foundation. For me it also helps smooth my skin and just lightly mattify the t-zones.

    I reckon you can use it on its own just over the moisteriser and it will help just make the face look slightly smoother and softer. Hope this helps?


    p.s I know powder over power sounds odd - but it works with good mineral make up!