Monday, 20 February 2012

Most disappointing makeup product ever...

... actually, this is the most disappointing make up product I have experienced in a very very long time. It is the Revlon Just Bitten Lip Stain and Balm.

I am a big fan of lip and cheek stains and like trying out new ones. Although I was under no illusion that I would end up looking like Jessica Biel if I wore it - she looks sickeningly gorgeous in this Revlon ad:
I was however hoping that the pigment would be strong and bold, and was pretty excited about the balm part.

So here is mine;
I got this in the colour 'Flame'
First of all, the plastic packaging was a nightmare to take off. I understood that it had to be extremely airtight as to not dry out the pen part. So I was okay with that. But then I opened it. The balm fell off with the lid.
I put the balm back on but it keeps falling off every time I try and apply it directly from the stick
Basically, the balm does not twist down - so you have to be really careful when taking the lid open or the balm just breaks off. Silly packaging, but I thought of well, I should have been more diligent. What disappointed me completely was the colour pay-off. The first application was fine. But then it completely dried up. The swatch below is after keeping it standing for a week.
I only got one proper use out of it and I ended up throwing out today.

What a waste of £6.

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  1. I agree that the balm is shitty, but i get SO much pigment from mine! Maybe you got a bad batch? :S Who knows!

    You should check out their new KISSABLE balm stains! They're fantastic!!!!