Saturday, 10 April 2010

Sanctuary goodies

I really love Boots. I've realised that I can happy walk around the big store in Bond Street, spending ages browsing up and down the aisles. I also seem to completely obsessed with picking up their advantage card points even when Superdrug can sell the same products for pounds less at times. One of their marketed, 'spa' brands is called The Sanctuary. They recently had an offer where if you buy £10, you get a bunch of free goodies. So I bought The Sanctuary Spa Cleansing Facial Wash (£5.87 for 200ml). Its claims that it is "make-up dissolving, gently foaming cleansing wash that removes complexion dulling oils to leave the skin radiantly clean". I actually bought it for a morning facial cleanser as I can't imagine using anything other than the Liz Earle or Nude oil at the moment (yes, I have decided that I can get over the strong jasmine smell and am in love with it now) cleanser. It comes out like a soapy, milky form and foams up white on wet skin. It has that organic, 'spa-treatment' (hence the name I suppose!) smell.
Since using these high-end cleansers, I had forgotten how dry my skin can get if I don't use them. I feel that it sucks out a lot of the nutrients I spend a lot of time and money to produce. I have only been using it for a couple of weeks so perhaps my skin just needs to get used to it. I'll use it every other day in the mornings when I need to give it a quick wash. However, I'll probably never purchase it again, especially if it keeps breaking me out and making my skin feels so tight. 

The other thing I brought is the Spa Essentials Body Moisture Spray (£5.49 for 250ml: This fragrant, feather light Sanctuary Spa Essentials Body Moisture Spray instantly nourishes and conditions thirsty skin.".
I really like this. The smell can be very overwhelming, but I love, love the fact that it comes in a spray and my skin just gleams all day when I put it on. Once I've finished with this, I'm going to look around for other body moisturisers in a spray. I think its such a wonderful concept.
The free gift set I got was quite generous and ideal for travel:
  • pair of exfoliating gloves
  • Satchet of salt scrub
  • Satchet of warming charcoal heat mask (my most favourite face mask in the world - needs a seperate blog entry of its own)
  • Very generous sample  of Body Wash
  • Very generous sample of Bath Wash
  • Small tub of body moisturiser

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