Sunday, 13 March 2011

More Body Shop Stuff

I treated myself to a few things at the Body Shop last week

Does a decent job of keeping my lips moisturised. Plus it has spf - bonus

I have already mentioned this on another post. I restocked because I love them. They take away the afternoon shine in a clean way. It takes away excess oil ready for retouching make up for the evenings out straight after work. 

I have always had one of these for years now. Just a nice, cute and clean smell. 
This is for my gym kit, for when I shower straight after the gym (just recently joined). The assistant said this might be the best thing for me as it is light and won't clog the pores which is what I need for my skin at that time. I tried a sample of this in the summer and I really liked it.

Also, because £15 of the products was skincare, I got a full sized Vitamin C Microdermabrasion (worth £12).
Review to follow once I've tried it out.

The lovely assistants (at the branch near Selfridges, Bond Street by the way) also gave me a sample of the Aloe calming toner and Blue Corn Scrub Mask to try out. All this for £12 is a bloody great bargain in my eyes. 

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