Monday, 5 July 2010

Body Shop haul

Boots were doing a 20% off all purchases for their cardholders. So I picked up a few things:

  • White musk: normal price, £14 for 60ml.  My trusty old timer which stays in my bag
  • Vitamin E face mist: normal price, £7 for 100ml. This is the first time I tried it and I gotta say I'm glad. Its really cooling, and the pump gives a rather gentle mist. I think an new summer essential. I sweat like crazy and I found this helps cool me down. Its supposed to double up as a make up setter. I have used it after I applied my make up in the morning but to be honest, I don't know if it makes any difference.
  • Spa Wisdom Tropical Oasis Shower Milk: This was on sale for £3. When I smelt it in the shop. I rather liked it. It has frangipani which I love the smell of. 
Oh my gosh. When I took it home and used it, the smell was repungent. It doesn't lather in the slightest and the smell - I can't describe how hideous it is. Luckily the smell doesn't linger on the body so I am using this in mass to finish it off and never, ever see the sight of again.

  • Tea Tree Blotting Tissues: this is not on the website, it costs £4.00 normal price. I used this a lot over the weekend, and it does a decent job. I can see the excess oil transferring onto the tissue and doesn't seem to mess the make up. I just pat it gently across my t-zone when its oily and and it helps keep my face matt for a short time. Its a great alternative to reapplying face powder over and over again, risking the appearance of cake-face.
The last thing I got was this Peppermint Cooling Foot Spray. I feel a bit embarrassed and annoyed because I used it in the disabled toilets at work and I think I left it there. Fingers crossed the cleaners have handed it into facilities. Its cools and soothes the feet for a couple of minutes and gives a strong peppermint smell. Great alternative to the cheesy feet smell on the train on these stuffy hot days.

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