Saturday, 5 March 2011

Origins Ginzing Eye Cream and other stuff

I was browsing though the Boots website, ordering my usual everyday supplies (like shampoo, cotton wool etc) when I came across an amazing Origins offer. Its the 'Origins Good to Glow Ginzing Eye Gift Set' which is exclusive to Boots online. The set contains:
  • Ginzing Eye Cream
  • Full story Lash Loving Mascara
  • Duel Ended Lip Gloss
  • Pretty decent sized toiletry bag

I have been on the look out for another eye cream as the two I am currently using are okay, but are not helping combat the depressing dark circles.  I have already used one of their night eye creams which I liked, but not loved but I have heard a lot of good things about Origins eye creams in general. So I thought, I might as well try the Ginzing one out as one of it's main features is to beighten the eye area. 
It contains ginseng to hydrate and reduce puffiness, with shimmery silica and mica illuminaors to brighten and minimise the look of dark circles. On the Origins website, the full sized 15ml costs £20. Now on the Boots website, you get the full sized 15ml eye cream with the bonus mascara, lipgloss and wash bag currently for a grand total of £12.50!!!!!! 

Definitely worth having a try out.
Lipgloss swatches


  1. yay i just ordered this through my friend yesterday on Boots UK :D :D what an amazing deal!

  2. Bargain! I'm really looking forward to using the stuff :)