Monday, 6 September 2010

Anne Semonin

Anyone ever heard of this Anne Semonin? I hadn't until I stumbled into my hotel room at 5.30am when I was on holiday. I was far too tired for the Eve Lom cleansing ritual (which I normally love doing as I find it pretty therapeutic) and picked up the soap supplied in my bathroom to wash my make up off before I put on some cream and slumped into my bed.

I woke up a few hours later for breakfast and touched my face noticing how soft it was. Then I remembered. I had used this before I went to sleep:

I took all the soaps (along with the shampoos and conditioners) and shoved them into my suitcase to bring them back home with me. I am a typical Ross Geller who takes what ever possible from hotel rooms. Shameful I know.

Anyway, they don't seem to have this soap on their website, and I don't even know if its meant for the face, but I really like it. But maybe not for every day/ Looking at how little ingredients it contains, makes me confident that it won't be too harmful. The other things on their website looks interesting, so I might peruse a bit more and pick up a couple to try out.

My only regret is not picking up more from the hotel!

The holographic effect on the soap is so cute!

Its perfect to store in my spare Lush container!

If anyone else has tried out Anne Semonin products, would be interested in hearing of your experiences

p.s the soap smells lush well!

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