Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Nail Whitening Tablets

My nails are horridly weak and yellow, and my toes especially are stained from the numerous dark polishes I keep applying. I wanted to give nail polish a rest for a short while without my hands looking like yellow witch's nails were stuck to them. So I cut them short and thought I'd try out Superdrug's own Nail whitening tablets. I think they cost about £2.99 for six.
The directions on the packet recommend that you use at least two tablets per hand, but I didn't do that. I just dissolved two tablets into a bowl and ducked both my hands in there at the same time. So the results? Judge for yourself below...
I did notice a slight brightness to the nails. Not sure it was picked up on the camera. The other thing is that my nails were soaking in warm water for a while so it might just be that they are cleaner! Anyway, I reckon I will try all the tablets out so see how much my nails improve. I put on some nail brightening varnish on top, and they looked alright and healthy actually. I did use them on my toes as well, and was pondering whether I wanted to subject you guys with my disgusting feet. In the end, I accidentally deleted the pictures (conveniently you might say), so my decision was made for me. I again put some brightening polish on top and went out in strappy sandals. They didn't look too bad - a girl actually said that my nails looked healthy. 

I've also bought some 'Talika Instant Manicure' stuff which I'm going to try out once I've finished with the tablets - will let you know how I get on with them!

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