Sunday, 5 September 2010

Bargain Buys

I popped into my local pound store to buy some containers and envelopes. I came across an L.A Colours make up stand that was selling everything for 99p. I've never used any of their products before, but I have read about them in other blogs, so thought I'd pick up a few things. I bought five products for £4.95 - bargain!
First up, a blue mascara. I've never tried one before, and thought why not try it out with a mascara that costs less than a quid? The brush is nice and fat. Will try it out tomorrow morning for work.
 Next up, a lip liner in 'mauve'. The stand did not have any testers for any of the products, so I chose this without knowing what it really looked like. I've tried it already, and its fine. Really creamy and lasted on my lips for hours, even after lunch.
They also had a vast array of nail polish. Its pretty hard to control myself from buying loads of things when I think I see a bargain. As I end up spending lots of money. But I was good this time and picked up only three nail polishes. I'm in a neutral colour mood on my nails these days so, I'm pleased with the way they look. The pictures show two coats on the nail. I have only used these polishes for the purposes of swatching for this post, but they seem bog standard and should last a few days without chipping. It makes no difference on my nails - all polishes chip on me after a couple of days.

I also picked up two strapless tops from Dorothy Perkins for £4 each, and a khaki (my favourite colour at the moment) top from Primark from £8. Funny how a primark top cost two DP pieces of clothing!

I've been loving strapless tops this summer. You don't get horrid tan lines, you can easily dress them up or down (with a cardy, or open shirt) depending on the time of day.
I'm liking studs at the moment as well - especially as we are heading into autumn, so my clothing will naturally start getting less 'flowery' and 'girly'. The belt is another purchase from Primark a couple of years ago, £1.50 I think. Primark is such a hit or miss. Usually, I stay away due to the inconsiderate shoppers throwing clothes they don't want on the floor (I really feel for the assistants there). Its always heaving with customers, that I can't bear going in. But as I was passing by it yesterday, it didn't seem as busy and messy. I saw this, and thought it was a nice casual top to wear for drinks next week.

In this weather, all I'll probably wear all three tops with skinny jeans. But If on holiday, I reckon they'll look alright with some black or denim shorts as well.

So I think I did well, all these products mentioned in this post for a total of £20.95!

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