Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Caudalie face creams

I know that I wasn't very enthusiastic about Caudalie's best seller Vinoprefect Radiance Serum, but that didn't mean that I dislike the entire line. Along with the serum, I was given two 9m samples of their 'Day perfecting Cream SPF15' an their 'Night Correcting Cream'. What they are meant to do is what I long for dearly-
  • regains bright, radiant complexion
  • Eliminates dark spots and prevents the appearance of new ones
Obviously I don't have enough of the products to say that they have made any real difference. But these little tubes have lasted me a long time (a couple weeks).
Top one is the day cream, bottom is night
The day cream is my favourite of the two. The consistency is just the right thickness for my skin and feels so good applying it. The smell is all natural and organic. It also seems to be a really good base for my make up. I really, really like this product and will probably but a full size once my other moisturisers have been used up (I have a heck of a lot of small samples to try out that that are usually put in as free gifts when I have ordered stuff on line).  It is however a rich cream, so might not be suitable for the younger skin, and I myself have also been alternating between this and a lighter moisturiser. 

The night cream is good also, the consistency is far more 'lotion-ey' compared to the day cream, and absorbs almost instantly into my skin. I haven't used the night cream much because I am still using up my Home Health Goji-berry cream. But from what I've used, I've liked. I'm loving the grape scent of the products also.
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