Thursday, 25 March 2010

It was Animale, freakin' Nitrate time last night!!

I just found out that Suede had played a one-off gig at the Royal Albert Hall last night. I AM GUTTED!! I never got to see them first time round and now again I missed out. I would have sung those songs with feeling and swayed my arms about! I cannot believe I didn't know they were playing. What did I do instead last night? Watch the diabolical 'Bounty Hunter'. It was so bad we walked out three quarters in. Have I really sold myself to commercialism? 10 years ago,  this would never have happened to me. I was actually just horrified when I discovered what I was doing the day Suede came back for a one-off gig.

Anyway I am digressing. I need to start using my brain again. I mean, I chose the freakin' bounty hunter over 'The Green Zone'. What the heck is wrong with me??!! (Quick side note: I love Jen A and I just wish she'd make something worth watching).

I'm going to book a bunch of live bands to see. Yes, thats what i'll do - that way I can start to feel part of my soul again.

Samaritans update - The branch I wanted to volunteer in only take a small number of people on three times a year - January, April and September. They finally got back to me with a text message to say I have to go in for the selection process in the middle of April. Unfortunately I won't be in the country then. So I called and left a message asking if I can come another time. They got back to me today to say yes I can, but it will be in September! I don't hold a grudge against the guys at Samaritans for not being flexible, or even taking so long to respond. Because its a hard job they do, and I can do understand that they are very busy, and they should only get the best in anyway. However I was talking to a friend about this and she said that she had to keep ringing to volunteer for a mentoring scheme she had heard of. Its just so resource intensive for the people who run these things. If anyone feels that they aren't getting through a particular charity or oganisation they would like to volunteer in the first time round, don't give up just yet. If you think you can be useful, then just persevere a little more - and think of all the good you'll be doing if you do just that!

Thing is, I think I'll be really good at it. I'll try some other branches but if I have no joy, I'll have a look for something else and try my luck again in September.

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