Sunday, 14 March 2010

Nail stuff

Ive been doing a lot of self indulgent shopping recently. My brain seems to justify me buying things just because its on sale, regardless of whether I need/can afford to or not. I have brought loadsa dresses, tops, and ventured into the world of....'jeggings'. I've recently put on shit loads of weight and non of my jeans fit me anymore, not even my trusted, comfortable  baggy pair :( So I'm literally living in dresses with thick opaque tights or legggings, and now 'jeggings'(urgh what a horrid word). A long cardigan covers the 'middle aged spread' and wide bum.

Last year, I really got into gel nails. Because of this, my nails just literally chip off every time I try to grow them. Boots were doing a 'buy one, get one half price' promotion with Sally Hansen products, so I thought I'd experiment with these:

Diamond Strength Instant Nail Hardener
It promises to give me back "harder, stronger, healthy looking nails in 5 - 7 days". Apparently its got real micro-diamonds what ever that is, that is meant to make my nails durable. We'll see.

Insta-Brite Nail Whitener
Yes folks, I eat my curry and rice with my hands! Silly me, money wasted. It does make my nails look shiny but they still pretty yellow.

Anyway its Sunday and I've been at home all day tidying, sorting day to day stuff out etc. I decided to attempt a messy 'french tip' nail polish - something I haven't done for a while because a) I haven't had the patience to do and b) I'm rubbish at french manicure and any sort of nail designs. Luckily I don't mind if things don't look perfect anyway, so this is quite ideal for me and my personality (i.e never quite right ha ha ha!). so the products I used were:

1. Insta-Brite as base (might as well find some use for it)
2. Sally Hansen Natural White on the tips in quick upward strokes - two thin coats
3. Maybelline Salon Expert in Sheer Ballet Pink (No. 145) all over the nails, including the white tip
4. No7 Stay Perfect in Clear - all over as top coat

Quick tip - Boots always do those £5 vouchers off Ruby and Millie and No7 porducts. So I tend to pick a No7 nail varnish for under £1.50 each time. I don't necessarily think their nail varnishes are particularly great (they start chipping away far too quickly for my liking) but for that price, you really can't go wrong!

Anyway, here are the results. You can tell I didn't file my nails beforehand, but it goes with the 'messy' nails concept, so it will do for this week. I reckon you can do this effect with most light colours... I might try a coral version next time.

In the evenings, I have done a dark tip and used a clear, sparkle as top coat and it looked pretty good for a five minute job!

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