Sunday, 14 March 2010

Powder Blushes

I don't have as much make up as a lot of the lovely ladies and gentlemen on YouTube and the blog world. I wear make up nearly EVERYDAY, and it seems like the only things I always have to stock up in are foundations, concealers mascaras and eyeliners. Blushers and eyeshadows, they seem to last a lifetime. I thought I'd bring out all my powder blushers - somehow I have managed to accumulate a decent amount for myself. I do use cream and stains, but I'll save those few for another time. Putting these guys next to one another, I realise that they all look rather similar in colour.
So here they are:
No7 eyeshadows are completley useless for me, but I really like their blushes. My favourite of these is the 'Apricot'. It gives a lovely natural-looking flush to my cheeks and its really easy to work with.

The infamous E.L.F one is okay, but don't think it blends very well. Plus it can be a bit shimmery for the daytime.

The Collection 2000 is just far too shimmery and flakey. I feel that it just comes off within an hour of wearing it. It came free with something so not too fussed about it. I use the lightest bit as a quick highlighter or body shimmer, just so I can make some use of it.
The Stila blush is the first blush I ever bought. If my calculations are correct, I bought it nearly 8 years ago - and I'm still using it! 
Of all my blushes, I probably use the MAC ones the least. Its not to say I don't like them. I'm just not sure how I can work the 'Flirt & Tease' on my skin, and I kinda find 'Prism' a bit boring (like the No7 Soft Damson). As a rule, they are supposed to be the ideal colours for my skin, which I suppose makes me feel a bit dull. I dunno. When I use them, feel a little bland, but I suppose I its time for me to get a bit conventional. I am loathed to waste them away, so will take some time to play around with the products and make them a bit more 'exciting' for me.

The Cargo one is my newest purchase - it is a great multi tasker . When I went away to visit some rather conservative relatives, I needed to make sure I had a natural looking face. I picked this up and used it as eyeshadow, highlighter and blush. It did give me a natural and radiant look to my skin. The shimmers aren't as chunky as E.L.F or flyaway as collection 2000, and it blends into the skin to make it glow rather than make me look like an 80's disco ball. Last of all, as it is set in different colours, you can blend it to different intensities depending on the look or mood you are going for. So a definite thumbs up to this one. As a blush, its not pink or coral, so I don't love it. 

Regardless of what powder blush I use however, I almost always wear a blush cream or cheek stain underneath which means I don't have to reapply on cheeks throughout the day.

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