Sunday, 7 March 2010

Current Facial Cleansers

One of my lifetime ambitions is to have even toned, radiant skin (like most women; I know I know). I think I can have the ugliest features but if my skin is good, then it masks some of the insecurities. I think I am losing my battle. Especially as I seem to be sensitive to nearly everything. My skin is pretty dry, with large pores mainly around my nose (yuck yuck yuck).

I do wear make up every day and try to thoroughly clean my face every night (if I'm back home late, I get lazy and cleanse in the morning). Here are the cleansers I'm using at the moment:

Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser (£13.00 for 100ml + 2 muslin cloths)
I first started using this back in October, I really love this product, and vow to use this all my life. It has a creamy texture which you massage over your dry face. I usually wear waterproof mascara so I would gently massage my eyes at the end so the mess doesn't smudge all over. I like to breathe in the scent when I'm massaging as the smell of eucalyptus is so relaxing and invigorating. You then wet the muslin cloth with hot water (said cloth is currently in the wash) and use it to wipe away the product. I can see the makeup transferring onto the cloth and it just feels like my skin is getting really cleaned (works as a good exfoliator as well). It does make my skin feel fresh and supple, and I don't tend to use a face wash afterwards afterwards everytime. The whole process is such a lovely ritual.

Nude Oil Cleanser (£22.00 100ml)
Then I went to Space NK in February where there was a sale, I went a bit bonkers and brought three of these cleansers just because they were reduced - without doing any thorough research on it beforehand or even trying it out. I only knew the brand name and got suckered in thinking it was a bargain. So I have all these cleansers that I need to finish off. The product is okay. It takes a bit of time to understand how to use it - the whole oil thing kinda throws you off balance. It does take all my make up off, but do have to use a bit of eye make up remover beforehand. It doesn't foam up much and it feels a bit fiddly to use compared to Liz Earl. I'm not a fan of the jasmine smell, and on that alone I probably won't buy it again as there are a whole bunch of good cleansers out there in the world that doesn’t smell like this. The smell actually lingers on after washing it off and it gives me a headache. But who knows, after I've finished my third bottle, I might have fallen in love with it if it helps my skin!

Neutrogena Duo Power Cleanser (Boots promotion: £6.66, or normally £9.99)
This is my latest purchase (yesterday to be precise).  I've used it once and I really like it so far. I love using the little gadget and can feel myself getting addicted to it. I used this after using the Nude cleaner, and it felt like I had just finished a luxury facial! My face feels so smooth and clean. I used it over my huge bumpy spot and there has been no sign of irritation (and my skin is SUPER sensitive). It will be too harsh for me to use daily, but once a week for deep cleaning (sorting out the huge pores) will be ideal. I cannot justify spending so much money on a Clarisonic, so until I win the lottery, this cheaper alternative will do... and I love it!

In the morning, I'm using these below two just to finish them off. The Bodyshop one (£8.00 100ml) does the exact opposite of what it claims to do for my skin, it makes me look grey. The Clinique scrub (free from Bonus time) is not bad, not good.

I do have samples of the Shu Umera cleansing oil and the Eve Lom Cleanser. I am waiting to use them up for when I go on holiday next month (please let it happen!), as they won't take up much luggage space. And I CANNOT WAIT - they seem to be the top two cleansers EVER and I fear I will end up forking out a fortune on the full size once I start using it.

But, if it helps with my quest for the perfect skin, I'll bloody pay that fortune!

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  1. I have the Liz Earle product too and it feels great! I wont be looking back :)