Saturday, 7 August 2010

Batiste Dry Shampoo

I can't believe I took this long to try out dry shampoo. Why did I deprive myself all this time??!

I wash and blow dry my hair almost every day even when I'm running late. I just don't feel clean if my hair isn't washed. I think because its quite thick so tends to pick up London's pollutants more than most people's hair throughout the day. I am aware of all the problems associated with blow drying hair every day (especially when I don't really use heat protector products because I feel they weigh down my hair) etc etc. But I just feel yucky throughout the day without a freshly washed mane.

I was always skeptical to use dry shampoo as I thought they surely would leave gunk in my hair and make it worse by the end of the day. But I thought I'd try one as they weren't too expensive. I went to Boots and picked up this Batiste one.

'Blush' smells like baby powder and room fragrance flowers, so if you like the smell of that, you'll like this. Personally, the smell gives me a headache but luckily it doesn't linger on for too long. I think it was under £3.50 for a 150ml spray can. Anyway, onto the product itself.

Directions: You gotta shake the can vigorously in between spraying the product onto the hair. I tend to do short bursts, holding it about 30cm away from my hair. I spray and use my fingers to scrunch it into my roots to give it a bit of volume. The directions on the can says to brush the product out of the hair afterwards.

Does it work? Yes. You honestly can not feel the product on the hair, doesn't leave a gunky residue, is extremely lightweight so it doesn't weigh my hair down (a huge bonus for me), and makes your hair feel clean. The only problem for me aside from the smell, is that it lasts about half a day before my hair starts feeling a bit greasy. But not too much of a problem, I just chuck this into my huge ever growing handbag on the days I use the Batiste. I have also found that if I wash my hair on alternate days, the texture is better and looks healthier.

So overall, a thumbs up. I will definitely continue to use this, probably get it in a different smell though.

You can find Batiste's entire range of products in their website.


  1. I went camping last year and one of my friends bought the tropical one, that smelt really good. it smelt like we were all on holiday!

    I didn't know if I should buy it or not but I read loads of good reports about it. Including this one, and all were good so I went out and bought it :)

    I use too blow dry AND straighten my hair every morning and it was getting more and more unhealthy. And I have bleach highlights so it was damaging my hair.
    When I bought it I wasn't that sure about it but now I take it everywhere. When I stay at mates houses its great because after a late night the last thing I want to do is wash and blow dry my hair! I just can't be bothered. I always keep it in my school bag too. It's really reliable and makes me, and my hair feel fresh.

    I love this product and I will keep buying in future.
    Thanks for the advice :)

  2. Hey, thanks for reading and commenting. This stuff has been around for ages, and I don't understand why I hadn't tried it before, Especially as it hardly breaks the bank balance! I'll probably pick up the tropical one myself once I've run out of my can.