Saturday, 14 August 2010

Clinique Bonus Time!

I love Clinique bonus time - this is what I got free with two purchases:

This is my favourite thing. I lOVE this quad eyeshadow, especially the colour on the bottom right. This is going straight in my work draw for evenings out on the weeknights the office.
 The Clinique lip glosses are fab, and I'm looking forward to trying this out. So on to the two things I bought.
The first is the trusty city block in spf 40 (£15 for 40ml). Its ideal in the summer to chuck on before some mineral foundation for a natural look. It also comes in spf 25 which I kind of wish I got instead. I think it is a bit more lighter on application, as the spf 40 can be a bit thick for my dry skin.

The product itself has a very slight tint, but on application, it just disappears, helping the skin look slightly more even toned. Very good for a primer as well.

I also got the High Impact curling mascara (£14.50).

Its meant to last 24hrs without smearing or smudging - but doesn't market itself as a waterproof mascara. I was tempted by it because I am so clumsy with eyelash curlers, and tend to pull an eyelash out every time I use one. I thought this may help save what eyelashes I have left if it helps give them a natural curl. I've yet to try it, so we'll see.

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