Saturday, 28 August 2010

Things from Sofia

Hello! Its been a while. I went away for a very long weekend (which turned out to be be nearly a week somehow!) to Sofia, Bulgaria last week.

The weather was BEAUTIFUL, averaging about 30c, and I fell instantly ill the moment I landed at Heathrow due to the sudden shock of rain down pour and plummeting of temperature.

Bulgaria you ask? Why would someone spend the only holiday they can afford to have this summer in Bulgaria? Well, I wouldn't have thought of visiting this country if it wasn't for my friend's wedding being held in Sofia. And  boy was I glad it was held there. I had the most amazing and fun packed time with a whole bunch of people I had never met before in my life. The wedding was one of the most perfect weddings I have ever been to, just fun and friendly and joyful. We got to see and experience the culture in the daytime. Then on to good food, company and dancing till our heart's content in the evening. Because they country is still recovering from a revolution (I think?); fashion, style is about two decades behind and it does at times feel like you're in a time warp. But it was all part of the fun experience!

I wish I could post some pictures up of the wedding day itself, as well as mention some of the things that took place as part of the whole day, but as you already know, no one who knows me actually knows I have this blog so it wouldn't be fair to put anything up without the couple and people involved permission. Actually a couple of people do know now but they don't know the name of the blog.

But I can put some pictures up of some things I picked up on holiday. One of my favourite things was the Antique Market which I ended up visiting three times. I'm sure everything in there is not antique, but honestly, I didn't care. It was just so lovely walking around and talking to the stall owners. Of of the guys I bought a watch from was 67 years old, and has been keeping his stall since he was 12 years old!
This is the small pieces I accumulated. I thought they might end up looking like junk when I bought it back home, but I still love them and have been wearing them here.
A special mention to their Shopska Salad (tomato, red onion, cheese amongst other things) which I had with every meal. Their beef tomatoes have become the new love of my life as well!
I picked up a couple of things from Duty Free as well, but I'll put them up in another post.


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