Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Montagne Jeuness: 3. Spa facial tonic

This one is part of their face tonic range.

Dead Sea Anti-stress Face Tonic with Dead Sea Minerals

"Calming Dead Sea Anti-stress Five minute miracle Face mask bursting with Dead Sea Minerals. Too busy to take time out? Need to feel pampered and rejuvenated? Dive in! Real Dead Sea nutrients and minerals submerge tired, stressed out skin in moisture leaving it smooth and re-hydrated, toned and visibly younger looking. Promotes a deep sensation of calm as mineral rich ingredients nourish body and soul - mmmm! Montagne Jeunesse 5 minute miracle Face Tonic is the quick and easy way to see a real difference whenever you feel the need." 

I have this on right now and thought I'd quickly jot down my initial experience. I have to say at the moment, I'm really disliking it. it stinks. It stinks bad. I deep cleansed my face with the Nutrogena wave. Then unrolled out the mask and put it on my face. The mask is stinging my face, especially the forehead and cheeks. I'm going to try and bear it for a little longer but I'm really not liking the experience. It feels very chemically on my face, the smell is horrid and my spots feel really uncomfortable under this mask. 

I've had it on for 5 minutes. Five more minutes and its off. 

I took the mask off and rinsed my face with tepid water. I then followed with my usual night time stuff. Surprisingly it made my skin softer and after rinsing my face with water, the stinging stopped immediately. There was no scarring and seems to have refreshed my face.

Definitely not as bad as I thought it was initially. But don't know if I can go through the pain again. It didn't make me feel relaxed when I had it on, in fact I was anxious the entire time that my face was burning off. So, from the three Montagne Jeuness masks I've tried, my favourite has to be the passion peel off mask which I'll be getting again. Then the Spa facial, and lastly the cucumber one.

Overall, this brand isn't too bad, and for under a pound per sachet, its a bit of a bargain.

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  1. Ouchh! The stinging shouldn't be there surely! Must mean your skin didn't like it??? Great blog btw!! Check out mine too, I'm lacking followers! Hehe xx