Monday, 16 August 2010

The Body shop and Sanctuary face masks

I'm, not much of a face make person - purely because I'm far too lazy and impatient to sit around with gunk on my face. There are two, however that I wanted to mention - plus one recent discovery -  because I find them absolutely fantastic.

5 Minute Thermal Detox mask (£9.99 for 100ml)

This was one of the first masks I used that not only didn't break me out, but actually helped stopping the break outs and dried up the ones that were already there. I first used this over 10 years ago, and always come back to this. 

A similar, cheaper product is the Body shop one Warming Mineral Mask priced at £7.50 for 100ml. 
The other one that does a smiliar job to my face, is a recent discovery. I got a sample of this Seaweed Ionic Clay Mask last time I was in the Body Shop. The sample lasted me two applications. Once dried, I gently wiped it off with a wet flannel. Its a bit tough to take off, but worth the extra bit of work in my opinion.
It costs £10 for a 100ml tub.
All three of these products are great to take away any excess oil, and doesn't dry the skin out. 

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