Sunday, 8 August 2010

Preparing those wobbly bits for a holiday

Don't expect miracles, but this stuff has worked somewhat for me. There is not summer holiday for me this year, but I am preparing for a long weekend away in a couple of weeks to a hopefully very hot place. So preparation is needed, and so I have pulled out my 'Bliss Love Handler'. I got it last year when I knew I would have to sit on a beach full of toned, trimmed and younger ladies.

This is for the tyre round my waist. Yes, I have a muffin top. I used to be a size 6, but since all the rubbish of last year, I keep eating as some sort of comfort thing, and am now a size 10. Now, I am not complaining about being a size 10, but I really wish I was a toned size 10. I've put the weight on quite quickly and for my frame, I just look frumpy. I am working on starting an exercise regime, but I've got two weeks to fit into a dress and I need to lose at least a couple of pounds.

I am hoping that the Bliss Love Handler will be my saviour as it was last summer. The idea is that in six weeks of massaging this gel like product onto the love handles, waist and tummy area, you will see a noticeable reduction on the area, as well as a more toned look.
It gives a tingling sensation on application which seems to last a little while. I find that if I do sit ups (honestly, I manage to do about 6 before I collapse, I am VERY unhealthy) or some exercise and I apply this, the whole process seems to work faster.

I have to say, it did work for me last year - I had six weeks to prepare and although my body wasn't model firm,  my belly and love handles did appear smaller and flatter. I have less than two weeks this time round, but better late than never I suppose. Priced at £30, there is not way I can maintain such an expensive treatment. But I'm glad I got it for the holiday last year.

Maybe massaging and other oils may do the same job, but one thing for sure, it made me feel more confident being out on the beach with my 'love handles' looking tamed. I heard Biotherm does something similar, but couldn't seem to find it on their website.

I do really want to try out the Bliss Fat Girl Slim which is meant to tone, trim and smooth the problem areas whilst you sleep. But with redundancy looming in the inevitable future, I might not be able to justify such a luxury just yet.

For the cellulite laden thunder thighs, I picked up the L'Oreal Body Sculpt up today after work. Its on special offer at Superdrugs at the moment.

Again, not miracle cure but when I used it last time, I did notice my thighs smoother, reducing some of the cellulite. What I'll be doing is first use a roller to massage the problem areas. I have the L'Oreal pro-massage from last year.

The product itself was okay. If you don't have a roller thingy, just used your fingers and knuckles to knead the skin. Afterwards, massage on the gel like product. Evry morning and night. It smells pretty stinky, but I'm only using it for a short while, so will bear with it. I have also found that the Palmers Olive Butter cream (the only body cream I seem to have at home at the moment) seems to do a good job as well.

Personally, I don't think anything will get rid of the cellulite completely, but to reduce? There are some things that will help with that.

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