Sunday, 20 June 2010

Blast from the past

I was at Rhythm Records in Camden a few weeks ago, where you can go in, browse around, exchange or buy old records, cds, vinyls, dvds, tapes (I think) etc. I hadn't been there in years, so it felt like I was back at college when Indie was huge and I used to listen to loadsa new music. Anyway, I came across two bands who were quite well known in the 90's - I got so excited and I just had to get them for old times sake. Menswear and Gene!

Its not that I was a big fan of Menswear, they had a lot of controversy around them for being not a very good band, or they weren't authentic or something. I can't remember now. But their debut single 'I'll manage somehow' just kicked ass!

Gene on the other hand, are still one of my favourite bands. I have them in my fav list on my ipod. I saw their last ever gig at the London Astoria (which sadly closed down last year - many good gigs were had there) a few years back and I think I saw them live a total of 4 times. They are still just great. Their first album 'Olymipan' is still one my top list. 'Sleep well tonight' was the first single I heard of theirs. I remember studying for exams, hearing this song on the Steve Lamacq and Jo Whiley Evening sessions on radio one, and falling instantly in love with it. So for that reason, I picked up this cd single as well. In total, the one album and two singles cost me only £3.50. This shop is full of gems. I recommend anyone to go in there and pick up a bargain.

Typical gene design!

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