Saturday, 19 June 2010


I tried Ardell false eyelashes for the first time yesterday to wear at Royal Ascot. I didn't want anything too dramatic as is was daytime so opted for the 'Demi Pixies'. I also picked up short individual lashes for days when I'm out and about and feel like making my lashes fuller. They are also from Ardell - I've just thrown away the box. 
The individual set didn't contain any glue, so after a lot of umming and aahing, I took the bullet and spent the eight-odd quid on some lash Duo glue. I consoled myself to the fact that the assistant at the store said that her one lasted her a couple years without drying. Here are some blurry pictures of my eyes without the falsies on, with one coat of mascara.
I didn't think the duo would make much difference to application of the lashes. But boy, it did. I found that it was much easier to apply and it didn't feel weighty as they normally do with the glues that usually come with falsies. The lashes lasted on me all day, except for my right eye but that's because I hadn't applied it correctly. It was a good investment so I am happy with it. The falsies themselves are short on the inner corner, long and wispy at the outer corner and the aim was to accentuate what I already have. It might the lashes themselves, or the glue, or combination of both - but they were so easy to put on.
This is what they looked like on my eyes:

Ascot was loads of fun. we went for the silver ring this time which meant we were allowed to take in our our drinks and picnic. Queenie and the family rode past and the whole ground stood up to sing/shout/hum the national anthem. We didn't win much but that's okay, the weather held up and everyone was in good spirits. Loads of the men at Ascot cleared out by 5pm to get back home and watch England play at the world cup, so they missed the last race. The station was packed on the way home and it started raining but because everyone was in a jolly mood, it didn't matter. I do wonder whether people who live in Ascot dread the racing season - with all the drunken, fake tanned, loud, top hat, fascinator clad people swarming in and taking over their little town.

Anyway, a quick picture of my shoes and head gear! I decided against the black one I bought earlier on in the week as it just blended right into my newly dyed black hair. I wore a short black and grey animal print dress that I bought from Oasis with black tights.


  1. Have you got a button on your camera with a flower next to it? That's the macro button, if you click that before you take close up pics it makes them come out clear.


  2. Yes I do. I've had this camera for years and I had no clue the flower button did this! Thanks luv!