Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Nails Inc freebies haul


This is a bit unfair as the offer is over now, but I'm really loving the colours and extra pleased because the whole bunch was such a bargain. Boots were doing an offer last month where you buy two bottles of diet coke and get a free 10ml Nails Inc nail polish. I got really excited and bought 8 bottles (most of which I gave away as I'm not a big fan of fizzy drinks any more, thank goodness) so that I could get all the four available colours. In addition, the same week, a friend of mine gave me her Nails inc varnish that she got from Instyle magazine for free. So now I feel like I have a whole new nail polish collection of colours which I really love.

'Milan' - classic red
'London' - my current fav
'Paris' - nice colour but one we've all seen a lot before of.
'New York' - lovely bubblegum pink on first coat. Ideal
to use on toes with two coats
In Style 'Candy'
I really like the Instyle 'Candy' colour. But I did  find it quite hard to work with because the cosnsistency is less fluid than the Boots freebies. But I persist, and as long as I apply it carefully, its all fine.

All the Boots colours go on a glossy finish, whist 'Candy' is a bit more matt.

I am sure nails inc must have similar colours to these in stock. One coat is all you need - I really, really love these bargains!

p.s please excuse my nails and cuticles - manicure long overdue!


  1. i love the "London" shade. Too bad they don't have a Boots here :(

  2. I have looked around for dupes of this, but can't find anything Though Autumn is coming along, and I reckon we'll being seeing more of this colour around. Fingers crossed!