Saturday, 12 June 2010

Lush Toner Tabs review

Another Lush product I'm afraid. I get into phases with this line - I really get into it for a bit, and then forget all about it. I think I've made about four trips into one of their stores in the last two weeks.

This is the first time I've tried a toner tab, and I think it is one of their more recent products (well its been in the market for about a year or so I think). I got talking to a Lush assistant last time I was there, and I spoke to her about recreating a salon-type facial at home. She recommended these little pretties. This pack is called 'Toner Tabs etc etc.'
They are pretty chalky so be careful when handling!
The tube contains six Toner Tabs, two of each:
  • T - tea tree, anti-bacterial essential oils. Advertised for teenage oily skin, prone to breakouts. But as my skin can prove, you can still get breakouts in adulthood!
  • E - Vitamin E. Contains omega 3 and lavender essential oil to balance and refresh the skin. Good to use after a tiring day - or a heavy night after I suppose
  • C- contains vitamin C antioxidant to help wake you up in the morning. Also contains skin softening rose. Apparently for the 'older' faces as it cheekily says on their website! 
Individually, they are priced at 75p each. A pack of 6, which I got, is £4.25. A whopping 25p saving.

How I used it 
The lovely assistant gave me a generous sample of their Ocean salt scrub. So what I did was first gently exfoliate away with this. Then I dropped the C tab into a bowl of hot water and put my face over it for about 10 minutes (or until the end of three songs - i got too impatient by then!). I placed a towel over my head to keep the steam in, and boy in this hot weather was that hard. This method helped open up the pores and get the steam right into the skin. I gotta say, the experience was quite pleasant in the end. I was breathing in through my nose throughout the whole time (remember to leave a keep a small part of the towel loose to let air in or else you'll end up suffocating), the smell was divine and really cleared up my senses. Never underestimate the sense of smell ladies and gentlemen. 

Wait until it stops fizzing.
The smell briefly took over the entire room - lovely
After this, I attempted to extract some horrid blackheads with my trusty extractor from the body shop.

Finally I finished off with a mask. As I mentioned earlier, I picked up these tabs to help recreate a salon facial at home. Whilst it probably was not in the same calibre, I can attempt to do this every now and then in between my expert facials. There is however a danger I don't keep this regime up as there are far too many steps for a lazy arse like me.

Quick tip: let the water that had the toner tab in, cool down, and then transfer into a spray bottle. And voila, you get a home made toner - good for only a week mind.

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