Monday, 14 June 2010

Unnecessary buys

Oh dear, I am meant to be saving to move out. I only went to the west end after work to pick up a head piece for the Royal Ascot on Friday... I ended up here......
From the Nars counter, I jumped onto the bandwagon and bought Sheerglow in 'Syracuse'. Not cheap. My skill-less internet research found that this shade seems to be a mac equivalent to NC42, which sounds about right as this is what I've always been matched to. Have to say, on first impressions of the foundation the MA put on me, I like it. 
Over to mac - and bought something really boring. Duo adhesive eyelash glue for the false lashes I want to wear at the races. I resisted very hard not to pick up any make up. I kept telling myself "you're only one person, you don't need any more make up". 
The only consolation was the mail I got through the post from Origins the other day. If you go to their counter in Selfridges and give them an empty moisturiser (ANY container at all. I took in a sample of Clinique dramatic lotion I got from Bonus Time), they will trade it for one of their 30ml moisturisers suited to your skin. I am obsessed with getting even skin tone. So they suggested 'Starting over'. Its costs £34 for 50ml. The 30ml is a huge freebie and will last me months and months and months. I'm excited about this.
Oh, I did pick up a head band from Therapy in House of Fraser, and some shoes from New Look, for Ascot. I'll try and do a picture of the entire outfit. If I can. False lashes, sparkly stuff... I think I'm going to end up blending in with the rest of the ladies at the races. Pants
Also, I picked this up over the weekend before I went to watch the England Vs USA match (by the way, booo):
Its an 'i-groom eyebrow grooming  pencil and brush'. An impulse buy.

I'll do more in depth reviews on the products once I've played around with them. 

I'm really annoyed with myself with all these purchases. I didn't need any of them and I don't really have the money to afford them either. But I've got them now. No more make up buying until I've finished at least one thing. That even goes for lip sticks and glosses.


  1. Thank you. Like yours too - i'm obsessed with skincare :)

  2. I have so many empties at home at the moment and I really need to get my backside down to an Origins moisturiser the only thing you can get?


  3. You gotta be quick. My friend went yesterday and they only had one type left. There is another promotion next week for a free cleanser but I can't find it online. As soon as I get the info, will let you know :)