Saturday, 26 June 2010

Some Revlon Superlustrous lip products

Boots (again!) were doing one of their 3 for 2 on revlon products. I spent ages picking the three I wanted as all the colours in this range are pretty good. 
The colours seem to look more red/pink with this camera
The lip gloss on the left is called 'pink crystals in 21', middle one is called 'coral reef in 170' - one of their new ones and the lipstick is called 'kiss me coral' on 750. 

Revlon claim they are mineral infused - I don't know about that, and why its beneficial. Reviews on these are mostly postive. I'm not so much a great fan.  My lips are naturally always dry and these products seem to dry them out even faster. Shame, because they are gorgeous colours. But the formula don't seem to work on my lips.
'21' has beautiful subtle gold flecks, and I use this over a nude lip liner for those natural days. On it's own, it is far too sheer for my pigmented lips. As I tend to use my lip glosses as lip balm, this just does not help hydrate them. Also, I don't know if you can notice in the pictures, but it is already half finished. I haven't had it for too long so that's very pants. 

I tend to use '750' and '150' together as they are both coral colours. The lipstick cracks on my lips after a little while, and the lip gloss just doesn't go on evenly. 
Overall, I had really high expectations for these products but ended up being hugely disappointed in them. I spent nearly £14 on them which I'm not happy about. I could have put it towards a YSL volupte which I have been eyeing out for a while. Now I feel guilty about being so harsh on them. I'll will use them up (well that will be easy with the lip glosses as they seem to finish up pretty quickly!) - and see if they can work in other ways.

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