Sunday, 6 June 2010

Lush Aqua Marina face cleanser

Although the 'Angels on bare skin' Lush's best seller for face cleansers, I wanted to give a shout out to their lesser praised - 'Aqua Marina'. Firstly, I think 'angels...' is blooming marvellous - and such a treat to use - I'll do a separate appreciation post on it later on. Anyway, onto Aqua Marina (£5.50 for 100ml on website). When I first bought it, the Lush assistant recommended this over the 'angels..' but didn't really explain why. But then I went back recently, I explained in details what my skin type was. I didn't really need to because the assistant seemed to know straight away what I needed. She explained that sea based products is ideal for my skin as it will help calm any irritation and smooth it out.

Aqua Marina is generous chunks of seaweed wrapped around a pink mousse consistency which can kind of become clay-like when it dries on the skin. I place a bit on a wet palm, mix it round a bit and smooth over my face before rinsing it off. It has calamine and aloe vera to soothe irritated skin, and the kaolin ingredient is meant to cleanse deeply and tighten your skin. It leaves my skin feeling smoother, softer and just more fresh! Sorry, I've said skin a lot. 

I do however need follow it with my Boots rose water and glycerine water to get rid of the tightness. I'll only use this once a day (alternately with a bunch of other not so great cleansers I'm trying to use up) - either at night once I've taken my make up off or in the morning. Its not a make up remover, just ideal for a basic facial wash. 

Onto a picture of what it actually looks like... When you open the tub, a pungent smell just hits you. For those who are extra sensitive, it might even make you gag. My recently purchased tub new seems to smell far more worse than the ones I've bought in the past. But if you don't breathe it in too much, you'll be fine using it and luckily the smell does not linger on after you wash it off.

The container says that my batch was made by 'Monica' (just something I thought I'd mention!). The only bum thing about this is that, along with most Lush products, it has a shelf life of only a couple of months.

I also picked up a piece of the 'Honey I washed the kids' soap for a friend of mine to cheer her up. I wish I got myself a piece as well now!

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