Sunday, 9 May 2010

elemental herbology Deep Cleanse Summer Body Wash

A couple of friends got me this body wash (amongst other things) for my birthday recently, they picked it up from a Space NK branch. 

The packaging says:
"For a silky smooth, clear and calm complexion all summer long. Our sebum-quenching, ultra-smoothing, mineral-charged purifying body wash will help your skin regain its equilibrium"
It contains
  • biodynamic algae (in think this means organic sea stuff) 
  • green tea
  • fruit enzymes (I think is what will make the skin look more 'glowy' on the surface
This wash costs £16 for 200ml from Space NK, and comes with a very good quality exfoliating mitt. It smells very herbal with fruity tones which will probably make it a pleasantly refreshing experience in the shower in the mornings. 

The whole philosophy of this brand is dedicated to botanical, mineral and marine products with anti-oxidants to help to help with the maintenance of healthy skin. 
The product itself has a gel like consistency which lathers up pretty well and a little goes a heck of a long way. I like showers gels because I can use it with my hands or on a pouf for a quick wash or I'll use a mitt or loofah for a deeper, scrub and exfoliation. So it ends up being multipurpose.

I gotta say, I'm really liking this. When I use it with the loofah, my body feels like it is getting a proper clean though, and it is also really massaging. I came out of the shower feeling really refreshed, squeaky clean and ready to combat another day in the polluted city air.
Since getting this, I've realised that I tend to neglect taking care of my body properly. I tried a bliss scrub once when I was staying at a friend's house, years ago, and I still remember how good my body felt. It is quite pricey, but if I cut back on buying lunches during the week, and start bringing food in from home, I may just be able to justify the luxury!

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