Monday, 31 May 2010

My priceless gift

Look at what a lovely friend made me for my birthday (belated) this year:

Both the card and photo frame is handmade by herself. She is so creative and talented (with a very good soul). It is such a beautiful and thoughtful gift - things like this I cherish more than anything. She put a picture of a bunch of us in the frame, and it is the loveliest thing I got this year.

This year was obviously the first one where he was not here. I went away so that I didn't have to be reminded of it. But my thoughts went away with me, and on the day of my birthday itself, it was pretty difficult. I thought of my sweet friend all the time. 

I have also thought of my sweet friend on his first birthday where he has not been around. I didn't have to think about what gift to get him, I didn't get to wish him a happy birthday. Gosh, its so hard. 

My heart does not feel like it is breaking every time I think of him anymore, but every now and then, it just hits me again like a cannon ball. This weekend,  I have been numb but its completely hit me again today. 

I love you my friend, my sweetheart. Best friends ya?

How unbearable must it be lose your soulmate? 

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