Saturday, 22 May 2010

Mac Lustreglass in Springbean

I've never been fussed about Mac make up and don't really rave about it to my friends. But slowly it has begun to dawn on me that I have accumulate a heck of a lot of Mac stuff without realising it.

Anyway, this post is about another Mac product. This time a Lustreglass in 'Springbean'. I was given this pretty little duo ages ago:
The top 'greeny' one is springbean, and the bottom one I think is called 'love nectar'. I am not sure as the writing has all rubbed off. I really liked the springbean, mainly it was an unusual colour to pull out of my bag - it gives a great conversation piece! As you can see, it looks a light yellow-green with gold glitter on it. Once you apply it however, it is quite subtle and the glittery flecks give a nice dimension to the lips. So Once I was scraping along the sides of the tube, I went ahead and bought the full size version. It costs £12 for 4.7g. Which I think is pretty expensive. I am using my tube very sparingly because I can see it running out very quickly if I use it as my other lip glosses (i.e as  a lip balm).

The website says that it gives a pearly finish which I think is probably true. What I like about it most is the effect it gives over any lipstick. I have swatched four colours from my Clinique Pink Ribbon Lipstick Palette to demonstrate the vibrancy it gives off over each colour. CS = Colour Surge Lipstick, LLSS = Long Last Soft Shine Lipstick:
The lipsticks are all very shiny anyway, but with the springbean over is, it gives an almost diamond-esq effect which makes the lip look more voluminous and plump. 

Definitely a lovely product to get any lipstick look glamorous. See the way the light picks up some of the sparkles? Glamorous!

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