Monday, 24 May 2010

Montagne Jeunesse: 1. Passion Peel Off Masque

I picked up a few of the Montagne face masks from Superdrug over the weekend. Mainly because they were about 99p each, completely cruelty free and the size made it handy to take away on trips away. I picked up three different ones and thought I'd to a blog series to write about what I thought about each one and how my skin reacted to them.

Right... my skin is dry / combination. Its somewhat uneven around the mouth area and have some blemishes from previous spots and acne. I also have pores in the usual places. I also have hideous hereditary dark circles under my eyes. Not that my skin is awful, but its my fault for not drinking enough water. Oh, I also have hype-pigmentation. It can get congested so I need to make sure I exfoliate and cleanse my face regularly. Also, I suppose I should say, I left my teenage years - years and years ago!

Anyway, onto the first one - the deep cleansing 'Passion peel off' mask. It claims to gently peel away dead skin. The pomegranate and passion flower is meant to cleanse, purify and protect leaving the skin feeling fresh and radiant. It is recommended for normal, dry and t-zone skin. It also includes raspberry, grape, cranberry and vitamin E.

So how I prepared my skin was cleanse my face with scrub, use the No 7 exfoliater, and pat dry. I then used my fingers to apply a light layer across the face and neck. The package says to leave 10-20 minutes until dry. But my skin sucked in all the moisture within 5 minutes. I then slowly peeled it off and gently washed off any bits that remained stuck on my skin.

The consistency is very gel like and it goes onto the face very smoothly. The colour is quite fun - transparent strawberry comes to mind. The smell is a lovely, edible pomegranate fragrance which lingers under the nose when the mask is setting. Its one of those masks that tightens onto your skin, so you can't smile or talk too much. This is the first time in years I have used this type so it felt a bit odd.
Its quite a weird experience watching the mask peel off the skin. Its like that weird fascination of examining a pore strip after use! I finished off with a toner, my Caudalie Serum and a tiny bit of my goji berry cream. I have to say, my skin felt super soft and smooth. More imprtantly, it felt fresh and cleansed (although the nose area still felt a bit congested).

Because of the packaging it comes in, the mask was cool upon application (I'll put in in a fridge next time for and extra boost of coolness).

I will be able to get at least two uses out of this as a little goes a heck of a long way. Just make sure you put it in an airtight container after it is opened, and should stay fresh for a week. I put mine in a little plastic container where I think I got four for £1 at my local pound store. It did the job:
Link to their website here for more products

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