Sunday, 23 May 2010

Neutrogena face cleansers

Superdrug was having an offer on some Neutrogena products recently. I think it was 'buy one, get one free' thing. So I picked up these:
I have been using the 'Spot Stress Control' after cleansing my face at night, and the 'Blackhead Eliminating' in the morning. The Spot scrub comes in a very light colour, with slightly darker micro beads (top swatch on hand). It has Green tea and cucumber to help soothe skin.
It is meant to help unclog pores, which I have not found that it does. It is a decent scrub but nothing to write home about. The micro beads are pretty sparse and you have to work it well into the skin to feel any exfoliation. It actually doesn't feel that great on the skin so I don't think I will repurchase it again. The Blackhead Eliminating Scrub on the other hand comes up slightly better in my opinion. This one has more of an orange tone with darker orange mirco beads. It doesn't claim to have any 'buzz' word ingredients. But it oddly claims to keep blackheads at bay for up to three weeks. I mean, why only three weeks? What happens after three weeks??!
Anyway, this one is also an odd creamy texture, it also does not smell so great and feels pretty chemically. But the difference is that once it is washed off, my face almost tingles, and feels really fresh. I can't say that its made much difference to my blackheads (I have annoying ones on my nose and chin area), but it cleans well and overall is an alright product.

Overall they are both are okay products.

One similar product I would like to mention here is the Clean & Clear Blackhead clearing scrub. This is ace. The beads are just the right size, it made me feel like the blackheads were actually scrubbing away and spots were kept at bay when I used this. With the Neutrogena ones, I saw spots still appearing
on my face. The only reason why I stopped using this was because it was a tad drying for my dry skin. But I think I might get this again when my other scrubs have run out. I remember whenever I went with a friend to New York when we were younger, he used to always pop to Dwayne Reed to pick a couple of Clean & Clear stuff. During then, I don't think Clean & Clear were available in the UK. 

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  1. You should try the Biore warming blackhead clearing scrub, I find it to be brilliant and is now the only scrub I use.