Sunday, 2 May 2010

Palmer's Olive Butter Formula with vitamin e

Just wanted to give a quick mention to these gems.
The lotion cost me a bargain £3.22 for 250ml at Superdrugs, and included a free concentrated version in a 1.7oz tube for hands, elbows, knees and feet. Here are some details from the lotion from the web:
"With Vitamin E. Organic Olive Oil for healthy skin. Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Made with Certified organic olive oil. Palmer's Olive Butter Formula™ has the power to transform your skin. Extra Virgin Olive Oil takes care of your skin three ways: Unique lipid structure moisturizes instantly. Loaded with antioxidants to keep skin youthful. Emulsifies on contact for superior skin smoothing. As this creamy lotion penetrates, skin immediately feels soothed and softened. Absorbs quickly and leaves skin visibly improved.

As my skin is quite dry (especially during the hot weather), it does not soak as easily into my body as it claims. However it is totally worth that extra little bit of effort. It leaves my body moisterised for the rest of the day, with a lingering fragrance which I love. I love this smell and sometimes will apply it to my hands just so that I can have a sniff of it! I've actually used nearly all this tube up. To demonstrate the thickness of the products, I have swatched them on my trusty arm. The bottom swatch is the concentrated cream, whilst the top one is the lotion......
Although they both do look thick, it doesn't leave my body feeling sticky or heavy as some lotions may do, and its packed with good stuff that I'm sure my skin will look better in the long run. In fact, it makes my skin feel fresh and more clean. Having said that, the smell may be a bit too overwhelming for some, but personally I love it, and it will probably be a staple product in my inventory for a long time.

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