Sunday, 25 July 2010

Ben and Jerry's sundae at the common 2010

I was at the Ben and Jerry's music festival yesterday, at Clapham Common.

It was a nice little thing. Weather was good, and it was just a very relaxing atmosphere. I have to give a special mention to the portaloos. I have never been to anything like this where the portaloos were so clean and fresh - those that have been to festivals will know how grim they can become. So a massive well done to the organisers for that!

There were loads of activities which were usually free - which included rides, candy floss, races, thumb war(!) and competitions. All the ice cream was free and you can eat as much as you like. So we went to every stand and devoured as much as we possible could. It was all good value for money considering the tickets cost less that £18 including P&P.

I didn't recognise most of the bands playing except for Scouting for Girls, and Idlewild. To be honest, the only reason I went was for Idlewild. I had paid twice to see them previously but for one thing or another, couldn't go. So when I heard they were playing here, I jumped at the chance. And they didn't disappoint. 

Here's a small clip of them playing the song 'American Dream'

Another band I paid to see, but didn't get to see in the end was the Kings of Leon (they cancelled). These guys were doing air guitar to 'Sex is on fire'. They were hilarious, and made a great substitute for the real band. 

Check out my You Tube account for more of these videos (I figured how to upload for the first time - yee-ha!)

On another note, I've lost my camera so have been taking pictures and the videos with my iphone. Its really annoying because the camera has such sentimental value (so don't actually want to buy a new one even though its on its last legs), and can't always find my iphone adapter to transfer the files onto my macbook.

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