Thursday, 1 July 2010

Lee Stafford beach babe Sea Salt Spray

I wash my hair nearly every day, and blow dry it every time I wash it. However on days when the weather is too hot that air does not even come through my open windows, I cannot bear to put more heat onto my head. We don't get many of those boiling days in London. But this year. Boy, has not been such a heat wave in years. Last weekend, my ice cream had melted within minutes and I was licking warm, melted cream from my hands mostly.

Anyway, on those hot days, I will use the Lee Stafford 'Beach Babe Sea Salt Spray'  on towel dried hair, scrunch it up a bit and be done with it.

£5.99 for 150ml
It contains sunflower extract to help give moisture, shine, protect and repair against free radicals. Don't know about the repair bit. It does give my hair a textured feel, volume and bounce.

Directions For Use:
Simply spray approximately 50 times (adjust to size) over towel dried hair and gently blow dry OR for the ultimate beach goddess look just leave to dry naturally.  It's as simple as that.  The spray also works amazingly on your hair when it is dry.

50 times??!! That's crazy, who's going to bother spraying 50 times (you gotta push the nozzle quite hard each time). So I just spray and scrunch until I've had enough.

I think its a good product, and works fine on my hair. Its gives my hair some style on the days I don't style it with a blow dryer. The one major niggle is the overwhelming smell of the product. Sometimes the smell of sea salt is so powerful, it gives me a headache. But I don't use this every day so I can deal with it. Also, make sure you wash your hair thoroughly as build up can get quite heavy.

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