Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Umberto Giannini Glam Hair shampoo and conditioner

I think I have found my HG drug store shampoo. Ever since I turned 14, I've dyed my naturally black hair. Its been every colour, blue, red, purple, dark green, TONNES of highlights and peroxide. I have been very fortunate to have thick hair and has not been damaged too much... until a couple of years ago. I had my hair dyed light brown with blond highlights. Yes, Indian me with blond highlights. To be honest, it looked fine in the winter as my skin was a lighter but in the summer, I looked like a crazy haired banshee. Plus my hair started breaking which was a first for me.

About three months ago, I decided to take the plunge and dye my hair jet black. I cut my waist length hair to just below my shoulder and picked up a temporary dye packet from Superdrugs and just did it myself. One of the reasons why I did this was because I wanted to recondition my hair, and also it was like a part of a 'cleansing ritual' after the awfulness of last year.

I do like my hair dark at the moment, and I think I it makes me look younger (I actually got id'd at a bar last week). My hair now looks thicker and healthier now as well but it wasn't making my hair easier to manage, i.e still tangled like hell - in the past, I didn't even need to use a comb it was so silky.

I had run out of my usual shampoo and conditioner and went to my trusty Boots to buy some more. That was when I came across this:

Retails for just over £5, this stuff works so well. I can't use hair products too much because my hair is naturally thick and any extra product weighs it down. This stuff really clears away the gunk of hair creams, serums or daily pollution. The product is clear with delicious glitter in it.
The glitter does not show up it the hair but it must be a factor in making my hair feel and look so healthy again. It claims to volumise and repair - and I honestly think it does do that. The smell? Molton Brown's 'Blissful Templetree' is one of my favorite smells in the world and this shampoo is the closest I have come across to anything smelling similar. The bonus is that the smell lingers in the hair for hours after and it just makes me feel clean and refreshed.

I also picked up the conditioner from this line a week or so later also:

Just a standard conditioner, does nothing outstanding, although the tangling is less these days. Smells great as well though.

Surprisingly these products are not marketed as for coloured or dyed hair. But I remember being told by a professional hair stylist that as long as a shampoo and conditioner is nourishing and helps hydrate, it will do the job. I think this is true because when I went into work the second time I used it, a few of my colleagues commented on my hair and thought I had re-dyed it again, which means the shampoo (or glitter parts in it) gave my colour another boost.

At the moment, Boots have everything in this range for a third off. I didn't realise they had dry shampoo as well or else I would have bought it. But I've only just recently purchased the Batiste one, which I plan on reviewing soon.
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