Saturday, 10 July 2010

Oooh la la! Shaving gel

I'm not a big fan of shaving creams and prefer gels. They just seem to be less fussy and easier to use. They had run out of my favourite shaving gel (I forget the name) last time I was my store so I picked this up instead. Its called 'Queen of... Ooh la la! Shaving Gel'. For under £3 as well. It seems to be a very new line from King of Shaves line. There is also a 'Ta -da' which has tree tree oil in it. But I decided to get the 'ooh la la' as it has aloe vera and my skin is very sensitive.

Its a cute packaging and seems to be marketed for the younger generation. But I don't care. Its paraben and perfume free with the added aloe vera. On application, it doesn't foam up which is great. I wouldn't say it is more of a creamy consistency rather than gel like.

Its really easy to use, the razor just glides off. I've just used it in the bath and my skin feels pretty smooth. However, I still needed to use moisturiser on top. Overall, its a decent product, for the price as well. I have a feeling that once it is more established, the price may hike up. Only downside is that although its 150ml, it does finish up pretty quickly.


  1. I always wanted a shave gel and couldn't find one I liked, I bought the Mr a King of Shaves shaving set from TK Maxx and that had a gel in it, a gel that I've stolen for myself!

    I'm sure that gels give me a closer shave and I cut myself less.

    And I've just clicked on the link in your post and realise that this gel is MADE by the KoS people.

  2. Thats what I find with gels, just easier to use with less cuts and damage!