Sunday, 11 July 2010

Wireles 2010 with Jay Z and Slash!

Jay Z played at the wireless festival in Hyde Park a couple of Sunday's ago. I went to my friend's wedding on the Saturday, which was beautiful and just so unique. Then on Sunday, I travelled back to London to meet my friends to get a good spot and enjoys the other bands before Mr Jigga-man arrived. We bought a picnic which seemed to be the envy of most people there. We got quite a good spot in front of the stage but within 5 minutes of getting into the park, this was the state of our feet:
Anyway, there were an eclectic bunch of music throughout the day. One of the highlights has to be Slash
He played such a good set, it left me breathless. The last song he played was 'sweet child of mine' and the place went just nuts!

Friendly Fires were bloody awesome as well.
Lilly Allen, who I never a massive fan of, was actually really good. She's such a London girl, you gotta love her!
Lastly... 'Teen Spirit' came on the speakers to get the crowd going, and without any announcement.... Mr Big Pimpin!!!
The whole place just went crazy!!! He played his classics, and a surprise - the Indian 'knight rider' tune! Beyonce was watching at the back, and he mentioned her name a couple of times. It was so sweet! Everytime he did, the crowd turned around and kept screaming 'BEYONCE!!!!!!!!'. She ignored us though.

There were a couple of idiots there. Mainly girls surprisingly, and it got pretty scary a few times with people throwing beer bottles into the crowd. Lilly Allen actually addressed it and dedicated 'f**k you very much' to them. But when Jay Z came on, did I see a single thrown bottle? No sirree. The whole place was just so engaged with him that there wasn't time for anything else.

Wireless is a funny one, it has everything that a music festival has without the staying over, dirty camping necessities. I saw The Killers there last night which was late. Looking forward to seeing who's playing next year!

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